Uncle of Alfie starts campaign to raise money for research. 10k4mss

How cool is that? Thomas Skillington, the proud uncle of Alfie, has started a campaign to raise money for the rare Marshall-Smith Syndrome.

Thomas lives in England and regularly visits his nephew. He is very involved with Alfie’s family and so with the research. This research is needed to give children with the very rare Marshall Smith syndrome a chance of a better and longer life.

Thomas: “I have decided to raise money for the MSS Research Foundation as the quality of life for those with MSS will only improve if we continue to fund the research. The majority of the research is taking place at Oxford University, where they are currently looking to find a medication that could help ease the symptoms of those with MSS. The MSS Research Foundation also holds a family weekend event bi-annually in the Netherlands. I recently went for the first time and saw how important it was for the families to get together so that they could share experiences, ask questions, and not feel so alone. This charity holds a special place in my heart, and because MSS is so rare, they don’t get the donations they so desperately need and deserve. That is why I plan to raise 10K within the next two years before the next family event. Please give what you can.”

It’s great that families are so involved and committed to this charity.

Check the donation site to support his actions: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/10k4mss