Joinmss Strong Viking MUD run

Crossfit Immersive and Joinmss join forces!

The CrossFit box of Harry Niemeijer and Dennis Toppin organizes together with Joinmss a fully catered Strong Viking MUD run day. Do you have good sporting intentions and want to work towards a top performance? This is your chance! A fully catered trip to Nijmegen is planned for 30 March, in which 30 participants can complete an obstacle run of 13km on the Strong Viking MUD Run course. Snacks, drinks, transport by means of coach and a special edition t-shirt are all included.

Crossfit Immersive is an active and growing CrossFit box and trains their athletes through various programs for groundbreaking performance.

Joinmss is a fundraising community that connects people to the MSS Research foundation. A fund that enables research into the very rare Marshall Smith Syndrome. A disease that only affects 3 children in the Netherlands and 50 children around the world. The life expectancy and quality of life of children with MSS is under great pressure.

The goal of this completely arranged MUD run day is to raise as much money as possible for charity. Through personal sponsorship for your top performance, the money is collected that goes entirely to the MSS Research foundation. After registration, each participant will receive a personal page to be sponsored. The person who ultimately collects the most sponsor money receives a Sauna gift voucher for 50 euros to just relax …

Challenge yourself and your friends to experience this top performance and you are committed to charity! Rare, but strong together!

Practical information:

Date: March 30

Challenge:Strong Viking MUD run 13 km

Participation: minimum 18 years

Registration fee 50 euros (instead of 65 euros per ticket)

Transport: return from Crossfit Immersive is provided (exact times will follow)

Fundraising: after registration, each participant will receive his or her own page on